How to Write an Essay in APA Format

The most important consideration when writing an essay is to consider the format of the whole document. The format of the essay indicates its compliance with their instructors on how their essay appears to the reader. For this reason, a paper that corresponds to an essay format indicates that the writer is indeed following the correct formal structure of a document. This is why writers at are always focused on the type of the essay that they create in order to ensure that the paper becomes distinct from other writers for writing the document using a certain format.

How to write an essay in APA Format

  1. Understand the APA Format: Writers should know the ideal structure of the APA format. To further understand this, the writer must know that APA stands for American Psychological Association. This is a standard applied for most essay documents that are usually accomplished by writers in the United States and Canada. Writers from other countries have their own writing format, depending on the type of essay that they write. This means that most APA-made essays come from the United States or in the western hemisphere.
  2. Heading structure: In APA format, the heading is one indicative style that the writer should be aware of. The heading should indicate the title of the whole essay structure. This is similar to what is written on the books, magazines, and publications wherein the title of the material is always written on the heading of each page. The title should have a running head with a colon and then followed by the title of the essay. The succeeding pages will only have the title page. The writer should know that the title should be written in all-caps.
  3. In-text citation: Writers should be aware that the in-text citations are important to strengthen the credibility of the discussion. Each paragraph is required to have an in-text citation in order to determine if the discussion is reliable and credible to the readers. The format of the in-text citation should have at least the name of the author and the publication year. The citation should be enclosed by open and close parenthesis. To further indicate a specific source, the writer must include the page number where the exact idea came from.
  4. Reference: At the end of the whole document, the writer should be aware that the reference page lists the sources where the argument was based. These are the most important supporting sources where the discussion refers to its arguments on the body of the document. If there is only one document, it is written as “Reference” while if there is more than one author, it appears “References”. As for the structure, each line appears as follows: The author’s name, date of publication, title, the publisher’s name with a colon, place of publication, and page number.


It has been learned that writing an essay using an APA format is simple. The most appealing issue about this format is to make the essay contain a formal tone. APA formatting style amazes writing critics because the writer is knowledgeable how to make the whole document as ideally acceptable. For this reason, essays in APA format makes the paper formally acceptable to academic and business institutions who want to maintain professional communication standards.